That messy hair tho

That messy hair tho

A message from Anonymous
okay, okay. just remember that it is all about what you think about yourself. the moment you stop criticizing about your worth, it is the time you will finally know it. cheer up! :)

I guess it’s inevitable for me to question my worth sometimes. I always think I’m not good enough for anyone. Well, we all have doubts about ourselves, don’t we? But I’ll try to keep that in mind, anon. I really appreciate you a lot. Drop the anonymity and let me know your name, please? :-)

A message from Anonymous
you don't need to seek for you worth. :) you are worthy enough more than you think :)

This is… heart-melting. To be honest, I feel unworthy for anyone and anything all the time. And I didn’t expect someone would bother to read my blog title and bio. Thank you for this, anon! I really appreciate it. :-)

I will always have a thing for home-baked chocolate chip cookies. Hihi.

"Sometimes you just have to let out the things that are hurting you, even if you don’t know what they are."
Zade Pascual (The Spaces In Between)


I must mark this day!! For the first time in forever, I didn’t give a damn. I am beyond glad. Way to go, Yanni!

I tried not to judge you and your motives for doing such a shitty move. But after what I heard? I don’t think I could forgive you. Ever. You crossed the freakin’ line, mister. So much hate for you and your freakin’ reasons. It seems like you never knew me at all.

If I fall

Actually, more than a year ng tapos yung iif. Two summers ago since binasa ko to and for some reasons di ko na natuloy. Last year medyo humarot ako at puro text at review with acad buddies lang ginawa ko so di ko to natuloy. Haha. Ngayon lang ako nagkaroon ulit ng time na basahin, inalis din kasi ni Ate Leng yung iif at recently lang nya pinost ulit. So yon, a week ago nagstart ulit akong magbasa. Sobrang daming feels ok :((( Pero di ko pa rin maTANGGAP NA SI SETH YUNG PINILI NI BARBS HUHUHU I’VE SHIPPED BARBS AND CYRUS SO HARD OK HUHU :((( Pero I understand and respect Ate Leng and whatever reason she has for iif’s ending. Pero proud pa rin akong sabihing isa ako sa mga first readers ng IIF at TDG. Alam niyo bang chapter four pa lang nun ng TDG Book 1 nung nagstart akong magbasa and mag-abang ng updates!!! And I’m sure ako ang unang student from acsci na madiscover at mabasa ang tdg ok ewan nakakaproud lang idk why hahaha yun lang i just had to let that out ((i shall start reading iif’s sequel this weekend))

"Everyone’s capable of loving, but not everyone can handle the pain."